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Hearing Protection

If You Like to Shoot, Eventually Your Hearing Could Be Shot

There are only two kinds of shooters in the world...those who wear effective hearing protection, and those who suffer serious hearing loss. Over half of all shooters and hunters have hearing loss. And the problem is, the noise damage from gunfire is cumulative...so much so, that after a couple of years the chances are good that you will have difficulty hearing.
Gunfire is so damaging that the only way to protect your precious hearing is to wear effective protection all the time when you are around guns. But that is usually bulky and uncomfortable. The problem is no one wants to hike through the brush and fields wearing hot, ear-muff style hearing protection. Or spend the day at the shooting range wearing bulky ear muffs.
Fortunately, we have the answer. PureTone's custom earplugs and electronic hearing protection systems are molded exactly to fit your ears. We take impressions of your ears because your ears are unique---just like your fingerprints. So custom-molded hearing protection is the way to ensure a perfect fit and optimum effectiveness. "One-size-fits-all" foam and plastic ear plugs just aren't going to do it.
A set of PureTone custom earplugs takes up less space than a 12 gauge shell, and weigh virtually nothing, so you can have quality hearing protection with you wherever you go. They're so comfortable, most shooters actually forget they're wearing them!
Solid Set Custom Earplugs Custom Electronic Hearing Protection

Hear the Deer...Bag the Deer!

Dramatically Increases Your Chances of Success This Hunting Season with SONIC SAFE™ Hearing Protection System.
Just how loud is a gunshot? Consider this: A rock band produces 120dB of noise. A jack hammer produces 130dB. Standing next to a jet engine exposes you to 140dB, which is the threshold of pain. Yet a 12 gauge shotgun produces 156dB. A 357 magnum is over 164dB. And even a 22 pistol generates 152dB. It's not hard to see why so many shooters are hard of hearing.
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